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Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma is comprised of like-minded individuals who understand and value the importance of outdoor education. Here at Camp Fire, our staff gladly take on the role of becoming a spark champion. Spark Champions are adults who help young people develop the interests, skills, commitments or qualities that give lives purpose and meaning. Ranging from those who grew up coming to Camp DaKaNi, others who come from education backgrounds, and those who found camp later in life, our Camp Fire HOK team is dedicated to serving the youth of Oklahoma City. 

Camp Fire STaff

Nice to Meet you

Brad Stumph

Brad Stumph


Executive Director

Nicole Huskey

Nicole Huskey


Director of Community Programs

Danielle Wickstrom

Danielle Wickstrom


Office Administrator & Volunteer Coordinator

Corrin Louris

Corrin Louris


Camp Director

Jackson Kirkland

Jackson Kirkland


Director of Facilities

Brad (he/him/his) first discovered Camp Fire as a camp parent. With a M.S. in Wildlife Biology, Brad is enthusiastic about getting kids outdoors and found that Camp DaKaNi has created an exceptional environment to also help youth build healthy relationships with others and themselves. After a decade running small businesses, Brad works to ensure the Camp Fire experience is accessible to the next generation.

Many of Brad’s formative experiences growing up happened outdoors. Known as Huckleberry to campers, Brad took his camp name from a tendency to never pass up a berry patch while on a hike. When not foraging for blackberries, sand plums, persimmons, muscadine grapes, and of course huckleberries, Brad enjoys spending time with his sons camping and cheering from the sidelines of soccer games.

I started at Camp Fire in the fall of 2018 after working for a decade in the childcare industry. After learning more about Camp Fire and their mission and vision, I felt like there was no better place for me to impact youth in the OKC metro area, than to be involved in CFHOK. I am passionate about youth finding their voice and learning who they are. Engaging in new things, in a safe space, in the outdoors is a great way to build confidence in the youth of today.

I enjoy spending time, mainly outdoors, with my family. In my spare time, I like to dance like on one is watching, laugh so hard my abs hurt, read books that take you to a far away land, ride bicycles, backpack in the forest, hike rocky terrain, and camp when its cooler rather than hotter.

I started with Camp Fire in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the age of 5, going through the club program, all the way to earning my Work Health Love award in 2004, the highest achievement for youth in Camp Fire. I found my home at Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma after years of working in public education and out of school time programs. In Camp Fire I found a place to belong and adults that respected and valued my voice and what I brought to the table. I found my passion for advocacy and learned how to use that Spark to protect for the things that mattered to me. All youth need people in their lives who challenge growth, provide support, share power, and expand possibilities, and I am honored to have the chance to be a Spark Champion.

I have performed at the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival since 2003, I am a photographer, improv performer, and love to travel with my family. I have a daughter and a husband both of whom are equally outgoing and nerdy.

I started with Camp Fire coming from an Operations leadership background and  instructing Early childhood education in the Arts and Athletics. Working with various age groups has always been the light in my life to remind me to stay curious, open my eyes up to new adventures ahead, and just like my professional endeavors show, I always find myself coming back to my happy place working with the youth! I most enjoy getting the opportunity to share creativity and crafting, but here at DaKaNi it is more than that. The laughs, smiles and energy from being here brings me such joy every day! Being with Camp Fire has been such a blessing and has become my home away from home. I was born and raised in the upstate of South Carolina where I mainly spent my time hiking, reading and adventuring with friends and family through the forests and the falls. I used to think that there was no place like home here in Oklahoma, and now that I found Camp DaKaNi, I was proven wrong!

Come change lives with us!


Working at Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma is an extremely rewarding experience. It’s an opportunity to join an innovative leader in youth development and help today’s youth thrive now. Contact us for more information or apply online today!

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