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Most youth organizations talk about preparing kids for the future or future leadership positions. This is great, but we believe kids and teens are leaders now. They don’t need to wait for the future to shape the world.

We help youth be the best 7-year-old they can be, or the best 17-year-old. We guide kids and teens of all ages to boost their confidence and unlock their potential so they can thrive—where they are now.

Thrive{ology} is our research-based approach to teaching every kid or teen how to be a better friend, student, son, daughter, member of society, sister, brother…today. Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma, like programs across the country, use Thrive{ology} to teach youth to identify sparks, develop a growth mindset, learn goal management, and take time to reflect.

We'd love to discuss which Camp Fire programs would be best for your child or student. Contact us today! 


is back in 2022!

Registration Now Open!

We're thrilled to announce that Camp DaKaNi will reopen this June with new COVID safety measures and limited capacities. Spots are already filling so register today!

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returns in may!

Registration Now Open! 

It's back! Camp CANOE (Children with Autism Need Outdoor Experiences) offers children with special needs a truly unique, hands-on camp experience. This 5-day session will fill up fast so register today!

School based PROGRAMS

Outdoor School
Field Trips

Spring ODS visits available!

Outdoor School provides opportunities for student groups to have direct experiences with nature in a living environment. Whether talking about plant and animal lifecycles or habitats and ecosystems, the educators at Camp Fire introduce complex scientific concepts to students with interactive inquiry-based curriculum. If you are a homeschool, elementary, or middle school teacher ask us about scheduling a visit!

Enrollment for this program is done through a school group, not individual student based.

the camp fire experience

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enrichment program

Our new SEL-based programs can be employed as an enriching addition to classrooms, homeschools, or after-school daycare.

Our new 10-week Life Sparks Enrichment program utilizes Social Emotional Learning (SEL) tools and personal connections, either in-person or virtually, to help kids learn from and succeed in any environment. Small-group experiences like games, crafts, and STEAM activities encourage positive identity, sense of belonging, and conflict resolution. The course can easily be adapted to group size or time constraints. Curriculum includes national Camp Fire tools such as Camp Fire Wise Kids and Conflict Resolution, as well as Project Wayfinder and locally-developed STEAM projects.