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OVernight Camp

Considering Overnight Camp for your teen? Here is everything you need to know about our program for the 2024 summer season. 

Who do we serve?

Overnight Camp serves campers aged 12 to 16 1/2. Campers must have had their birthday before the first day of their week at camp. This program is smaller than our Day Camp program, as we have two cabins that sleep 11-12 campers each. 

*This has changed from previous years. 

For Overnight Camp, our two-week program has been adjusted to better foster mental, emotional, social and physical health of our teen campers.
Youth will be grouped based on age, being within two years of each other. Splitting the ages allows us to provide developmentally appropriate safe spaces where all youth can be encouraged to have fun and be themselves.

Program Times

We offer 2 individual weeks of resident camp, Sunday through Friday.  Drop-off for this program starts on Sunday at 1:00 pm. Monday through Thursday, campers will have programming from 8:00 am to 10:30 pm. Pick-up for this program will start on Friday at 3:30 pm. 

Session 1 - June 9 - June 14 *ages 12 -14 1/2*

Session 2  - June 23 - June 28 *ages 14 1/2 -16 1/2*

Class periods

One of the great aspects of overnight camp is that campers are given more freedom of choice in how their schedule is filled during their session. Monday through Thursday, each camper will participate in 3 class periods of their choosing. Throughout the week, each class will become more advanced and/or cover new topics. Every year we offer rockwall/zipline, boating/fishing, and archery as a class topic led by our activity instructors. Additionally the overnight counselors will each lead a class based on skills and interests that they have. Examples of counselor classes in the past include: sports, creative writing, drumming, board and card games, theatre, etc.

Evening Activities

Each camper will be placed in one of two teams (not based on cabin placement) that they will represent throughout the week. The two teams are the Blue team and the Yellow team and families will receive their camper's team assignment the week prior to their session. Campers are encouraged to bring fun clothing and gear to represent their team color!


In the evening there will be a series of games that campers will play in an effort to earn points for their team. Games will be a combination of field, craft, and even trivia games. On Friday, the competition will end with a final relay event throughout camp. Once completed, the points will be tallied and the winning team will be announced.

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