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Safety is our top priority

This is an unprecedented and alarming time for many families. While we all want our children to connect again and return to some kind of normalcy in social activities, many are understandably cautious of what this will look like. 

The safety and protection of our campers, counselors, staff members, and families was our highest priority while planning our upcoming in-person events. Below are the precautions we are currently planning to implement, and we will continue to monitor state and local authorities’ guidelines for mitigation levels in our area to adjust these precautions as recommended. This may mean schedules and/or safety measures may be evaluated and adjusted in real time, due to new information or events that unfold during the course of our reopen phases. To get the latest news on Camp Fire COVID-19 measures and protocols, please subscribe to our emails.

To report a case of COVID-19 and/or possible exposure to our campers and/or staff, please email

new safety precautions

Per CDC and other national camper associations' guidelines, Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma will perform the following measures to promote the safety of our campers and staff:

Reduced capacities

Temperature scans and symptom monitoring 

Static grouping

Limited visitors and public gatherings

Expanded communal areas to allow social distancing

Intensified cleaning, disinfection, and ventilation throughout campsite

Limited sharing of facilities, i.e. use of water stations, cafeteria, craft spaces, etc.



To reduce potential exposures, campers will be grouped in small cohorts or "pods" for all activities.  

The following strategies include promoting physical distancing among staff and campers, indoors and outdoors, for prolonged exposures above 15 minutes in length: 

  • At least 3 feet between all campers within a cohort

  • At least 6 feet between all campers outside of their cohort

  • At least 6 feet between campers and staff

  • At least 6 feet between staff


For areas where campers will be near other groups outside of their pod, physical indicators will be used to keep camper distancing in place.

MASK POLICY (revised 06.09.2021)

Campers and staff will be required to wear masks that cover the nose and mouth when indoors, or in areas requiring people to be closer than the physical distancing requirements for extended times. 


No masks will be required outdoors while physical distancing is in place. 


This revision is based on newly updated guidance and the fact that Oklahoma County is currently a “Moderate” transmission area, we have updated our policy on wearing masks outdoors. If the transmission rate changes or new guidance becomes available, we may update our policy to reflect new conditions.


Campers and staff are encouraged to stay home if they are experiencing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 and/or have been in contact with anyone testing positive with and/or suspected of having COVID-19. 



For those not wishing or able to return to an in-person camp, or for campers and families at higher risk for severe illness, Camp Fire has worked to provide other opportunities for kids to connect in a virtual format. Check out our Programs page for more info on Trail Mix subscriptions, Camp Fire Kids Club virtual meetings, and Teens In Action. 

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