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Benefit local youth with Spark Roast Coffee!

Sparks are flying around here – both literally and figuratively – and we are fired up about it! Inspired by Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, a national holiday to celebrate our amazing local kids, the Spark Roast coffee is a fun partnership between two organizations dedicated to benefiting youth development.

Purchases of this coffee batch will directly benefit powerful initiatives from our local Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma chapter. But hurry - supplies are limited! Once this specially-crafted batch runs out, you'll have to wait until next year to enjoy this cup of joe! 


similar name, similar mission

While Camp Fire has long been a champion for youth development, now serving over 5,000 local kids each year through an inclusive, values-based approach designed to nurture self-respect, acceptance, collaboration and leadership skills, Campfire Coffee of Tacoma, WA, shares many of the same ideals. 

When they're not creating awesome micro-batch coffee roasted over an open fire, Campfire Coffee works towards a broader mission: creating more access to the outdoors for BIPOC and underserved communities. 

Not long after Campfire Coffee launched their online store in March of 2020, Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma team member Nicole Husky was already a fan - of the coffee and company mission! She passed along their information to Camp Fire Nationals in the hopes of forming some kind of partnership. 

Inspired by Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, a special edition of Camp Fire + Campfire Coffee was created: Spark Roast! 


mARCH 18, 2021


Your words are powerful. 

Founded in 1997, Absolutely Incredible Kid Day is a national holiday celebrated every third Thursday in March, when millions of people write a young person to let them know why they matter and what makes them amazing!

With this simple act, these words of love and encouragement leave a major impact on our youth and inspire young people nationwide! 

Here are some easy ways to join the movement (while sipping your Spark Roast coffee, of course!): 


Tell the world about the amazing kids in your life with a short post.

Be sure to include the hashtags #KidDay, #CampFireHOK and #AIKD so we can share to our pages! 


Print off this letterhead and write letters to a few amazing kids.

Here are some writing tips for ideas!


Spark Roast is roasted over a real open flame campfire with all the smoky goodness you’d imagine. The sparks from the crackling wood dance around the coffee as it roasts to impart a smooth, full, low acid, non-bitter flavor. A real treat for even the self-proclaimed “non-coffee drinkers!"

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